Biometrics Blackbox

Rydal Alltrax Blackbox is a CSCS assists in ensuring that only the correct personnel are allowed entry onto the site, Unauthorised personnel are prevented from accessing the site, creating a premise with high safety, improved security, and a fluid working environment.
We can prevent the use of fraudulent cards on site by verifying authorising bodies electronically embedded code.

  • The system is updated weekly with blocked cards list from CSCS, for lost or stolen cards.
  • It is a standalone unit so there’s no need for cabling.
  • No more signing in or out, just swipe a valid card.
  • Time and attendance reports for individuals attending the site, with reports to contractors.
  • AllTrax Blackbox can also be used as a site evacuation checklist.
  • Excellent time and attendance reporting software, detailing who was onsite and for how long, on an adhoc/ daily/weekly/periodical basis.
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